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Commercial Title 24 Energy Compliance Report

To refer to Title 24 Part 6 of the California Building Code Regulations. The Energy Efficiency Standards for Commercial & Nonresidential Buildings were established in 1978 in response to a legislative mandate to reduce California's energy consumption. New standards were adopted by the Commission in 2005 as mandated by Assembly Bill 970 to reduce California's electricity demand.

Commercial Title 24 Energy Compliance documentation of the California Building Code is required to be submitted prior to issuing building permits when you are building a commercial building , or adding new conditioned floor area to an existing building.

Getting started with your Commercial Title 24 Energy Compliance Report for Commercial Buildings

What You Need To Furnish Us With:

Orientation of building (north arrow).

Floor plan showing locations of windows and doors.

Elevation views, sections and roof plan.

Conditioned floor areas for all floors including existing areas.

Window & door schedule (unless indicated on floor plan).

Heating and cooling equipment type.

Hot water system type and size.

Project address.

Owner's name.

Project designer's name, address, and telephone (can be the owner).

Billing information - whom to bill with contact name, phone/fax number.

What We Provide You With:

Signed hardcopies of your Title 24 compliance report sent to you with all necessary forms and calculations ready to submit to your building department.

E-mailed files (jpeg, wmf, tiff, etc.) giving you the option of inserting your compliance reports directly into your CAD program or printing the report yourself. Your report can also be faxed for your convenience.

Fast 1 day turnaround and low rates.

Our guarantee that all calculations are complete and accurate.